#SOYBANDERA is a new project that the Montreal based signer JACE Carrillo put in place. The idea is simple: support Venezuela. As you probably know, the country is in crisis; many people fled their home country due to the political and economic situation. Let's bring them together again...with music. Join the movement #SOYBANDERA


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He is a Venezuelan singer, composer, musician and producer. From an early age JAC£ showed interest in singing, when at parties he stole the microphone from the animators and began to sing songs from Salserín (90's Venezuelan Salsa Boy Band). From then on, he did not stop growing with music. He composed songs for his school sweethearts, participated in singing competitions in his city, and represented his school in national events obtaining recognition for his lyrics and voice. During adolescence, JAC£ is nourished by new musical styles and closely follows artists like Justin Timberlake, Usher, Ne-Yo, Bruno Mars, The Weekend, to name a few styles which are different from traditional Latin styles. This led him to mature musically not only with theory and solfeggio classes, but through his integration into a Gospel choir, with which he made several presentations in the country. Because of political, economic and social reasons, JAC£ studies industrial engineering and takes the commitment to support his family without abandoning his life projects. The situation in Venezuela aggravated and after being part of many protests and discontent, JAC£ makes the decision as many Venezuelans to go out looking for hope and light elsewhere; this is how destiny takes him to Canada. From Montreal, JAC£ undertakes new challenges: family, residence, French, English, stability and adaptation to other cultures of the world. JAC£ decides to participate in the auditions of The Voice Canada (La Voix-Québec) and after overcoming filters of more than three thousand people, he appears in Canadian television causing commotion and marking the beginning of his social networks’ fan base. He manages to study music production at the Musitechnic Institute, and through various relationships with new people (7recordz, Golden Path Music), he begins to produce his own content. Its essence is marked by a Latin urban/R&B fusion, which turns out to be very fresh and audible for fans. Nowadays, he is about to promote his firsts singles, he already has a first EP and is looking for partners to finish promoting his project. Feeling: The message of JAC£ is based on growth, patience, humility and attitude; key elements for success.


April 18

#SOYBANDERA is a hopeful story for the people who fled the country. The song is meant for that someone who will be fulfilled with joy and happiness when going back home, hugging loved ones that never left and seeing the country rise from the dark days. 


It's an inspirational story that would make you feel proud of your roots, and that can help you to believe that is possible to bring families together once again even if it seems difficult to have left home without knowing if you'll ever be back 

Why this song? 

An interview with JACE

Tell us where the song comes from

The truth is that I'm always reading you guys in my social networks. When I look up any information on Instagram or YouTube (for example), sometimes I want to know more of what the opinions is regarding the others. #SOYBANDERA was a way to raise my voice and try to transmit the message of hope to those who gives up to resist, to those who quits to believe in something better. I sang this song in the past in a show in Montreal, but it was not until this year that we decided to produce it in the music studio.


When did you leave Venezuela and why?

It's been already 3 years since I left my country pursuing better opportunities. I felt the need to move forward with my dreams, my life projects and to help my family, it's simple. At that moment, I convinced myself that I could do much more for my country while I was abroad, and I took a step forward and the courage to continue. The human being looks always the ways to learn, change and build something. I left everything back there, knowing that it was not going to be easy. I lived firsthand how your own mind controls your limits, how the secret of life actually is attitude and patience, and that empathy makes you stronger, especially when you are convinced that you can achieve specific goals.


What are your goals for this projects

I'm a romantic one , but also as an artist I want to provide messages that transcend in optimism and progress. I know that I can be the voice of those who cannot sing what they feel. I also want to be entrepreneur with projects and ideas that can help others to think and create development in general. The world needs education, empathy, happiness, etc ...as a Latin artist I want to clean up a bit the content of our own musical culture.


What's next for JACE?

Follow my steps (social networks) and you'll see ... I'm working hard to show you! :)


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Btw, all the profit from the song is going to Venezuela aid, help us spread the song.